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Tired of searching the internet

to understand how nutrition can support fertility, but not getting the results you want?  

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Feeling lost knowing what information you can trust?

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Ready to make some powerful changes to significantly increase your chances of conception?

Are you ready to take action NOW?


If you answered yes then look no further!

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It can often feel like everything is out of our control when trying to conceive.


Diet and lifestyle are very powerful pieces of the fertility puzzle for both men and women, however sometimes the power of these changes are overlooked when preparing for conception.


Making positive changes to your diet and lifestyle can have a strong influence on egg quality, semen parameters and your chances of conception. Crucially though it is something we can proactively take charge of, and optimise for us as individuals, during this unique time of our lives.  


Whether you have been on this journey for a while or whether you are just beginning of your journey, making the right changes can make a huge difference.

The power of positive nutrition and lifestyle

choices doesn't stop there.


Making the right choices can regulate your menstrual cycle, improve

IVF outcomes, regulate hormone levels, restore and maintain ovulation, reduce the risk of baby loss and influence various sperm parameters.

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  • The Fertility Food Formula is a four module programme delivered online by Ro Huntriss, one of the UK's leading Specialist Fertility Dietitians.


    We suggest that you complete one module per week to complete the course in roughly 4-5 weeks. You will have access to the course for 90 days so you can revisit all modules in your own time. 

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Check out some of the testimonials below from

people who completed the course earlier this year!

I think I got the best possible outcome, I’m pregnant!! Thank you so much for putting this course together. I’m so grateful for what I have learnt.


I didn’t know whether to buy the course at first but I’m so glad I did and would recommend it to anyone else who is trying to conceive

The course has been brilliant! It has opened my eyes to a whole new way of eating and has broken down years of avoiding certain foods such as nuts, seeds and avocados because they were 'bad'. It's helped me to reset my mindset around food, diet and nutrition and helped me understand the 'why' behind the food I am eating. Being able to download some takeaways means I can revisit to keep myself on track with the principles! 

We have just found out we are pregnant. Whatever happens from now on will happen but what I do know is that changing my diet has definitely had a role to play.


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for putting together the course it has definitely helped us get pregnant

I found the course very complete as it includes the nutrients, foods and supplements you need to look for when TTC, where to get them and HOW to get them so your body can really benefit from them. I have PCOS and  with the course I gained a better understanding on how to eat and what foods to prioritize for me and my partner while TTC

The course was great! Ro is a very clear speaker and is incredibly easy to listen to! Things are much clearer to me now and I have changed my prenatal supplement based on recommendations. 


I actually found out last week that I am pregnant!! So, thank you!

I took the plunge and signed up to the fertility course put together by Ro. The course has heaps of information all evidence based and backed by science. All the information is easy to digest, you even get a 4 week meal plan to help you get started - which I find is massively helpful. I would definitely recommend the investment.

As a 36 year old trying to conceive a second child, I was eager to find out the different ways I could use nutrition to boost my fertility and chances of conception.


I particularly loved the balance between; the abundance practical tips, scientific explanations of beneficial nutrients to help boost fertility, along with the numerous references to scientific studies.


I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in increasing their chances of fertility through diet and lifestyle

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So what does the course involve? 


Each module has several lessons so that information is broken down into easily digestible chunks. Each module has presentation slides which you will be guided through. 


Let me take you through the modules!


Module 1: Dietary patterns for fertility


This module will talk you through the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to fertility nutrition. It will teach you about the dietary patterns that work and those that don’t. You will learn about the effects of specific parts of the diet so you can understand why these elements are important for you. This module will start to open your eyes to the power of nutrition and how each element plays a part

Module 2: Nutrients for fertility


This module looks at the diet in finer details. Different nutrients have specific roles in female and male fertility, and sometimes we need to pay particular attention to certain nutrients which will help to reach our goals more easily, whilst understanding why. Did you know that certain nutrients support ovulation, egg and sperm quality, implantation and more? And, that deficiencies in certain nutrients can be reasons for infertility.

Module 3: Supplements


Module 3 will cover the most evidence-based supplements for fertility for both men and women with advice on which supplements may be useful for who, including those who have poor egg or sperm quality, PCOS or diminished ovarian reserve. This module will give you insight as to whether you may want to consider additional supplements to support your journey.

Module 4: Lifestyle


Nutrition is just one piece of the fertility puzzle which is why it is incredibly important that other factors are considered. This module covers topics such as sleep, stress, caffeine, alcohol, environmental toxins and medications which can all impact fertility.

BONUS Module: Weight management for fertility


Although weight management is not a key focus for all, for those who do require this support, weight is an important topic to cover. This module will teach you what the ideal weight or Body Mass Index (BMI) for fertility is, and will explain the reasons why, including how it can support regular and healthy ovulation. For those that fall outside of that ideal weight range for fertility, you will be provided with fertility-friendly guidance to optimise your weight.



In addition to the content above, you'll be given access to FREE additional bonuses to keep 

  • Accountability workbook to support you through the modules 

  • Downloads covering caffeine, carbohydrate, glycaemic indexwhole grains, environmental toxins, iron,  and fruit & vegetables

  •  PCOS nutrition download 

  • Top Tips for IVF and assisted technologies download

  • Guide to successful implantation 

  • Miscarriage prevention


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About the Author

Ro Huntriss

Specialist Fertility Dietitian

Photo of Fertility Dietitian UK founder Ro Huntriss, she has her brown hair tied up with some strands falling forwards.

Ro Huntriss is one of the leading Specialist Fertility Dietitians in the UK. Alongside her dietetic registration with the Health and Care Professions Council, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Food Studies and Nutrition, a Master’s degree in Advanced Nutrition, and a second Master’s degree in Clinical Research. As well as being a published academic author, Ro is regularly featured in mainstream media publications such as BBC, Mail Online, HELLO! Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health. Ro is a founding member of the Maternal and Fertility Nutrition Specialist Group of the British Dietetic Association, is the Fertility Dietitian for MyLo, and creates content on her Fertility Nutrition instagram account @fertility.dietitian.uk 

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • I’m planning for IVF. Is this course suitable for me?

    Absolutely. This course has been designed to support those wishing to conceive naturally or those who are undergoing fertility treatments. You will find additional tips for IVF and associated treatments throughout the programme in addition to a free download on top nutrition tips for those going through IVF and other assisted reproductive  technologies. 

  • I’ve been TTC for several years. Will this course benefit me?

    Yes! Nutrition, supplements or lifestyle changes can often be the missing pieces of the puzzle, so it could be valuable to explore these options to optimise your chances of conception.

  • I’m TTC later in life. Is this course still relevant for me? 

    Many of the people who have accessed this course have been in their late thirties and early-mid forties. Some of the testimonials you see with successful pregnancies are from ladies in this age bracket, so yes  - this course is absolutely for you! There is additional information regarding supplements and nutrition that can support those aged 35 and above.

  • Will it take three months before seeing results?

    Many people see results, improvements and even fall pregnant before three months have passed. The three month window refers to the time in which egg and sperm health can be influenced, but it doesn’t mean to say you will not see results before this point. 

  • I don’t have fertility issues, but I will be planning conception soon. Is this course relevant for me?

    Yes, indeed. The advice offered does not only enhance fertility but covers all preconception nutrition requirements to ensure you are nutritionally prepared for conception and beyond.

  • Are refunds available?

    Refunds are not available. The content is digitally produced so we would be unable to reclaim the content once purchase. The course has been peer-reviewed and has received very positive feedback from previous students. For these reasons refunds are not deemed to be appropriate.

  • Can I have my questions answered throughout the course?

    If you purchase Platinum access to the content you will have access to personalised nutrition support for four weeks after the content launch. Queries or questions that require an understanding of your personal medical history may not be answered. If you have medical questions, or questions around personal suitability of supplements, these questions should be discussed with your GP. Regardless of the package you buy, if you require clarity on any of the course content you can email fertility@dietitianro.co.uk at any time. 

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